Monday, February 6, 2012

Sweet Summer Time...In the winter...

It has been so warm outside lately. Well warmer than what it should be for February. So yesterday we bundled up the kids and turned them loose outside. But not before I made pancakes at my daughters request. She specifically asked for Mickey Mouse pancakes. Hearts I can do, because I have these cute little molds, but Mickey Mouse, hmm. I had to freehand pour pancake batter to make those. 

And I must say, they turned out exceptionally well too. What do you think??

 Then again, the trick is mostly flipping them over. I got lucky!!

So my daughter and my son got Mickey Mouse pancakes for breakfast! They both exclaimed that it was the best breakfast ever! (well at least for today anyway!)

So we got dressed and went out and let the kids run and play and burn off all that energy that they seem to have an endless supply of! They had a blast!

We colored and Kathryn drew a prince and princess. And they are still there! And will be until it rains. 

We ran and played and just had so much fun!

 We rode bicycles, and just chased everything there was to chase!

 We ran through the woods and found treasures!

Fresh air is so good for them both, and they love being outside. So happy that we can have a bit of summer in the middle of our winter!

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